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Hello friends, in this article today we will talk about the domain, what is the domain. How do we get the domain and what kind of domain should we take for this work?

Today we will know as you have seen online facebook.com google.com amazon. in flipkart.in There are many other domains that we see online.

A good domain is very important for our online business. Which domain should we take for which business? Today we will know about WHAT IS THE DOMAIN|HOW TO BUY A DOMAIN?

Domains Information

Friends, till date we have a lot of domains that we open daily but do you know that a domain has many types of meanings hidden in a domain.

There are many parts that I am going to tell you about.

Domain protocol

As I told you that a domain has many parts or we can divide a domain into several parts, the first part is the protocol. Let me give you an example like https://www.facebook.com/

There is a domain, here you have seen https written in the starting of the domain, in many domains only http is written here,

so what is the difference between https and http, we know friends http means hyper text transfer protocol In most of the websites

we get the option https as you can see in the domain of Facebook https means the website which has an SSL certificate which enhances its security or just say that it secures that website.

SSL certificate creates a secure layer on any website,

due to which the hacking activity on our website becomes secure to a great extent, no one is able to hack our website if our website has SSL certificate installed on it.

So you must have seen many websites That when you open the website,

a lock option appears equal to the domain of that website, then it is our secure website, the same when we see it written there as non-secure,

then we should understand that on this site Working is risky or opening the site in your computer or laptop can hack our laptop or steal our information

According to Google’s policy, if your website or blog has an SSL certificate, then your website will rank higher than your competitor.

In today’s time, if you buy a domain then you get the ssl certificate for free, but it will have some time period. Huh


Here subdomain means to create another website in one website. For example, we take www.facebook.com.

If we open it with this domain, then you will see the Facebook website,

but if we look at the laptop and The page of Facebook in mobile opens with a different or different face, so when we open the Facebook website in mobile,

the website is not open from www.facebook.com, there the website m dot If it opens with the domain of facebook.com, it is a sub domain

Primery Domain

domain means that whatever you create an online domain, you create a website, but with which you have purchased the domain is your
Primery is a domain For example, I bought a domain under the digitalthousend, so digitalthousend is my primery domain . For example, there are other domain like Yahoo Google Facebook, I represent your business and brand.

Top level domains

By top level domain we mean .com .in .org .edu.gov.in and .co.in Such domains are called top level domains. For example if I use .in for a website. If that website will be open for India and I will open the exam Flipkart.in,

then it will show all the products that are in India but if I open it by Flipkart.com,

then it will show the product of international level and there their The product value that will be seen in dollars or in usd. Similarly,

when you open the government website, you will find dot gov.in written on the back of all the government websites and in the same way all the education related websites are there.

If you get written edu, then it means to say here that different domains have to be taken for different departments and for different tasks.WHAT IS THE DOMAIN|HOW TO BUY A DOMAIN?

The top level domain of this website is good. That website or blog ranks very quickly on Google, please keep this thing in mind.

So friends for today, I hope this much from you that you will like this article and for which article

you will give more and more comments related to digital marketing,

I am going to write more articles for you, so subscribe to the blog as soon as possible Thank you for reading



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