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What Is Google’s New Rule?

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What Is Google's New Rule Do You know

What Is Google’s New Rule? Do You know

What Is Google’s New Rule? Do You know. Google has recently implemented a new rule for security reasons, it will benefit you because of the security of all your Google accounts, So, What Is Google’s New Rule? let you know

Google 2 Step Verification

Search engine platform Google has announced to make two-step verification mandatory for all users.

Google’s new two-step verification has been start for all users from this month.

This new rule is going to have an effect on all Google users. In such a situation, it is very important for users to know Google’s new step-by-step verification process. So that after November 9, you will have to face any kind of problem in using Google Account.

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Google users will get extra layer security from now on.

Apart from Google’s two-step verification process, the security layer is going to provide security. This will provide more security to your Google account. Google had announced two-step verification in May this year. Which Google has made mandatory from November 9 this month.

It will be easy to stop the incidents of fraud

Let us tell you that these days the incidents of password theft have become quite common.

To prevent this, the company has implemented a two-step verification rule.
In such a situation, if users log in to Google Account after November 9,

A one-time password (OTP) via message or e-mail, only after entering which it will be possible to use the Google Account.

The two-step verification update for Google Accounts will start working automatically from November 9. For this users will not have to do anything.

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How to Apply 2-Step Verification

First of all open your Google Account.
After that select the Security option of the navigation panel.
Below “Signing in to Google” there will be an option to select 2-Step Verification.
After that follow the on-screen steps.

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