Requirements for Google Adsense Approval

If your domain is 6 months old, it is easy to get adsense

Do not use any other content which you did not create like video article photo etc.

Copyright Content

write high quality content

Whatever you write on your niche should be new and its full information should be in the post.

Never write illegal content or upload photos, this will not get adsense approval

illegal content

important pages

Make necessary pages in your blog like, contact us, about us, privacy policy, terms and conditions.

avoid ads

Do not run any kind of ad on your blog, it may block your Adsense account or impose ad limit

minimum post requirement

Before applying Adsense, you must have 40-50 in your blog, it gets Adsense quickly.

User Friendly Content

Do not use design photos in your blog and save the site from being colourful.

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