7 ways to Build An Audience With Content

7 ways to build an audience with content 7 things that drive more people to my content

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For example talk about what they will find after reading your material first I didn't use the 7 step to create  actionable content I Used 7 Ways to Build Your Audience The result does not trigger the  dopamine proce


2  easy to digest

Break down your content into step People want to walk 1 step at a time I try to add more bullet point Discuss only 1 topic per post talk about one thing at a time put the exit stuff at the beginning & end stay straight and to the point

That's the secret

Exactly what your audience should think after leaving your post What I do personally: I add a new tip no one talks about I sometimes give secret tool or i give a complete system "like post"

4  example

I try not to give hard work or general tips like starting today how exactly did the show Try to use your audience in example use line like this For example most of the creators post daily but still not growing why?

5  just slap a number

I Feel Like a Rogue Scientist Playing Brain Games When Sharing This Trick Just put a number on your content and more people will stop watching it Don't Write How to Learn Marketing Write 7 Steps to Learn Marketing

6  Don't Wait

The creators keep stopping, they stop immediately before getting to that point... Don't make people wait till the last minute give a straight answer first explain concept paper most people do the opposite This is the reason why news sites are the first to put all the juice in their headline.

7  steal idea

If You Only Post What You Know About Your Ideas Will Soon Be Over I just look for ideas used by other Take the Best Ideas and Google Them you got new things not down Include only those points and your content is on fire

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