The Process of Planning for Digital Marketing

Originally posted on June 2, 2021 @ 4:24 pm

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This article focuses on developing a digital marketing strategy and implementing a business digital marketing plan.

In this digital age, businesses cannot afford to have a digital marketing plan as technology greatly affects our business and social life.

In fact, a business that does not have a digital marketing plan to plan a business is a failure.

In fact, some entrepreneurs still struggle to understand the need

for a digital marketing plan for their business. However, this case is very different from other business owners who already have a digital marketing strategy, but are unhappy and frustrated with the results, which is far from what they expect.

The Process of Planning for Digital Marketing for Beginners

Digital Marketing Planning Process

Whether you have established an existing digital marketing plan or have developed an obsolete digital marketing plan or are in the process of building a digital marketing plan for your business,

Follow the process outlined below to help your business grow and prosper online. This process has proven to be very successful in many businesses. Having said that, it is very important that the process is followed carefully to get the best results.

There is only one sentence left to grow your business successfully online.

Establish a web presence

Having a website, blog or social media page, or listing your business on local business directory websites are some of the ways you can establish a web presence. These days businesses are using these channels to increase their web presence.

Without a doubt, it is highly recommended to have these digital marketing assets in your arsenal to increase the visibility of your search. You want to make sure you use all available channels to increase your online presence.

Domain name registration

When choosing a domain name for your business,

you want to make sure your domain name contains keywords that are relevant to your niche and city,

not just your business name. For example, if you offer plumbing services in Toronto, the appropriate domain name should be

it will help your digital marketing planning process

Content creation

After choosing your domain name, the next step is to develop good content for your website, content that will attract relevant leads (prospects may eventually change),

the best thing you can do in other creative content is to start researching niche keywords

and incorporate these keywords into your text, especially topics / headings, title and meta description on your web pages. Also, it is a good practice to increase the location of your business in the areas mentioned above. Remember, it takes some time to rate your niche keywords – It’s not as easy as ABC.

It is a good idea to hire a content engineer if you do not have the technical expertise to make engaging content –

Content is king! and with a good content you can do Process of Planning for Digital Marketing

Improving Your Website

As soon as your content is ready, the next thing you want to do is hire a professional and competent website builder (on-page and off-page search engine optimization SEO), to develop high user-friendly and relevant website conversions for your business.

Note how I emphasized “user” and ease of use of mobile “- You want to make sure your website has a good user experience, people are said to have a short attention span of about seven seconds,

in other words you have seven seconds to hold your website visitors. with SEO skills rather than hiring separately website designer and SEO Expert If you want to rank on search engine results pages (SERPs),

make sure your website is fully optimized (page by page) of search engines A well-designed website has a 90% chance of appearing in the SERPs.

What is an SEO page? In the case of the average person, the SEO page is where the website understands and speaks the language of the search algorithm and the SEO page is where some websites send signals (in the form of votes) to search engines for your trusted website.

As soon as some of your websites start sending good signals to search engines about your website,

your website will likely appear in the SERPs.

Check the performance of your website online and your website SEO when your website is ready to go live, there are free online tools you can use to test the performance of your website and SEO.

Make sure you keep track of and resolve any issues with your website, especially issues such as loading time of your landing pages, browser maintenance issues, title, alt tags etc.

Connect Layout

You have chosen the right domain, created a highly adaptable website with good content and your website is fully customized, in the meantime, you should start building links. Link building is the process used in (off page SEO). It is the process by which you access external web pages with authority, linking to your web pages.

The following are some of the ways in which you can create links:

post your website to business directory websites (quotes),

create social media accounts and distribute content on all social media platforms and other authoritative websites, and increase media releases, social bookmarks etc. Reaching out (building link) is a huge undertaking. You’re better off giving this job to your website developer, unless you’re free to do it yourself. Additionally, list your business on Google My Business and Bing Business locations and make sure it works well.

Social Media Search and Marketing Engine

In this section, creating a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign on Google Ad Words and Face book is certainly a wise way to strengthen your online marketing campaigns.

It is important to explore ways to drive high quality traffic to your website,

You can start with an advertising budget of up to $ 50 per month if you have a tight budget. Trust me, it’s worth all your cents, because as you submit high quality traffic to your website to get your “focus keywords”,

However, creating an ad is just one aspect of it, making a copy of the ad is another very important thing.

If your keywords do not focus on the targeted web pages,

search engines mean Google will stop your website as a result. Simply put, avoid attracting potential visitors from your website, which is why it is important to create relevant ads. I cannot stress enough the importance of creating relevant ads. In addition, use social media to promote your business. Create an ad on Facebook to promote your business web pages.

The amount of time people spend on social media these days is huge,

which is why you need to use this approach as an opportunity to grow your business.

Google Search Console

Follow the instructions on how to improve your search. If this is too much for you, ask your website engineer or digital marketing specialist to help you

with the design. This tool will not only provide you with information about your site’s performance, but it will also show you how to resolve issues that affect your website performance. its very important part of Process of Planning for Digital Marketing

Google Analytics

Sign in to Google analytics and follow the setup process. This tool will help you to track important metrics such as conversions, customer engagement, page views etc. You can monitor the performance of your online marketing campaigns, content on your websites and user experience with this tool.

Basically, you want to know what areas in which you need to improve, once you’ve identified the areas,

you can come up with a solution.

Closed Thoughts

Get started now, use this digital marketing process that results in results for your business,

be consistent and follow the process wisely – I guarantee your business will grow and prosper online. All the best!


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