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15 steps for complete search engine optimization

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15 steps for complete search engine optimization

15 steps for complete search engine optimization

15 steps for complete search engine optimization.All those people know about search engine optimization, such as creating a website, blogging, content writing, Google Adverb, and Facebook advertising, all these services are related to search engine optimization.Because without doing search engine optimization you cannot rank on any search engine like Google, Bing, and Index etc.That’s why knowing about search engine optimization becomes very important for you if you want to grow in the online field.Through this blog 15 steps for complete search engine optimization, we will tell you how you will know and use search engine optimization step by step.


Optimisation for Readers and Search Engines

Even though many have started writing blogs, but there are some who are just not taking the steps required for optimising their blogs for readers as well as search engines. Your blog may be business related or personal, but you still need to do blog optimisation. Also, this is quite different from search engine optimization as mostly the blogs run on standard blog platforms, and there are design issues too which are unique to blogs.


You need to get your own unique template for your blog. Or else, you may use one of the free templates that are available. But do not use it as it is. Try to customize it by adding your own unique logo or just do a bit of colour upgrade. You may use snippets in case you are using RSS feed. These need to be compelling enough for readers to encourage them to read the full post.

Your layout of the blog is very important. Use paragraph breaks. The font size needs to be comfortable enough to read. If possible, use simple language and small sentences. Reading your blog should not be a painful experience for the readers. Or else they would simply not come back.

Spelling forms an important part of blog optimisation. Add a spell checker to your internet browser. Run it before publishing any entry. After all, seeing typo after typo in an entry can be quite frustrating. Also, at times the meaning of the sentence can get changed entirely due to a minor spelling error.

The speed of your hosting platform counts a lot. In case of a slow response time, the readers tend to click in order to go to another site. You may change your hosting platform in this case. Also, this may be happening due to a widget overload. Even though there may be some cool widgets that you may like to add to your blog, but remember that these can slow down the site. Thus it is better to avoid all the unnecessary widgets.

The quality of your blog matters a lot. Have unique entries. Be consistent. Write on subjects you really know about. Give your readers something to take home. After all, they are spending time and effort to read your blog as they have certain expectations out of it. You need to meet those expectations.

Always make use of a related posts plugin as this will help to keep readers around to go through other articles on your site which are related to your current post. This will also help them to link from your current page to older entries. This is great for the blog optimisation of your older entries.

Any kind of spam links on your site by a blog spammer have to be removed as early as possible. You need to manage both your comment as well as trackback spam. There are many tools available online for doing so. Spam can really harm the optimisation of your blogs.


All That You Wanted To Know About Content Creation

Content creation

Content creation holds top priority for a search engine optimization consultant, as well as for an internet marketer. After all, high quality and unique content can do wonders with regard to link magnetism as well as social media metrics. This is a highly crowded industry and hence content creation is not easy here.

Research should always be the most time-consuming element of content creation. After all, creating content that is based on flawed, or incorrect data will only nullify all your efforts later.

Find out all that is popular in your area. Look for a topic that is current as well as relevant to your industry. Such content is more likely to gain more attention through social media platforms and more inbound links.

After getting a solid set of relevant data along with the kind of information that is likely to be shared, the next step is to start brainstorming in order to devise a way to present this information.

There is no point in just re-formatting some content that already exists, as you have to add something new or interesting. Only then it will lead to unique content creation.

The information can be presented as an in-depth blog post, or as a video, or even as a static infographic or an interactive one. You may approach the subject in any way you want. Next, you need to add something that is either beneficial or attractive to your target audience.

Once the research has been done and you also have an idea about the kind of content that you plan to produce, next step is to try and identify the place for your content.

It can be on your own website. In case it is a link-building thing, then the right kind of site is to be identified. Now in accordance with the site, you need to tweak the language, the style as well as tone of your content as that will maximize your chances of impressing the readers.

Next is the actual creation of the content. Rather than focusing on rules, simply produce something that appeals and engages your target audience. Make your content concise. You may also add some visuals as that will help to create an immediate impact. Consider your title as a fantastic opportunity for grabbing your readers. Try to have a consistent theme throughout your content. Do not jump from one idea to the other as that will only confuse the reader.

Just be as creative as you can. Do not put any remarks that may offend any readers. Respect their thoughts. In case you are borrowing somebody else’s idea, give them due credit. In case your content creation is of high quality content, then people will come back. It is quite obvious that you need to pay attention to your grammar as well as punctuation. Leave a lot of white spaces. An error free and interesting content is more likely to be shared by your readers and hence you need to create your content accordingly.


Generate More Sales with Conversion Rate Optimisation


In the world of ecommerce, Conversion rate Optimization (CRO) is gaining popularity and also becoming a crucial part of any internet marketing strategy. The basic concept behind CRO is that the visitors of the website are transformed in to potential customers, so that the revenue as well as the popularity of the website is increased. In today’s competitive world, it is very important for all websites to be on top. That is why people carry out different processes to make their websites the most popular and famous among the internet users and one among them is Conversion Rate Optimization.

What is CRO? (Conversion Rate Optimization)

Conversion Rate Optimization is an art of getting a higher percentage of the website visitors to take action and becoming a customer or a lead. It is a process of testing of landing webpage, aiming to figure out the optimal design that delivers higher conversion rates. To simply put, it is a marketing technique that tries to amplify the quantity of online sales and leads in a particular website without escalating the amount of internet visitors. By improving the conversion rate, you can draw more customers without any kind of expenditure on catching the attention of more calls to your website.

Using Conversion Rate Optimization, the elements in your website are changed to make the website more appealing and attractive to the customers. These elements include pictures and graphics, logos, landing pages, words as well as processes which are commonly used in the website. Also, the outdated contents, broken links and other problems are also resolved during the process of CRO.

Types of CRO

  • Website Metrics Analysis (Web-Analytics)
  • Web site Usability Analysis
  • Landing-Page Optimization
  • Sales-Funnel Optimization
  • Multi-variate Testing and A / B Testing
  • Website Optimization and Maintenance
  • Account Management and Reporting

Benefits of CRO

  • There are many benefits of using Conversion Rate Optimization. First of all, the revenue of the website increases significantly by this method. Different websites comprise of different Conversion Rate Optimization methods for increasing customers.
  • Advertising Conversion Rate Optimization to a client is not to complex. If your client wants to carry on to advantage from online internet marketing, then CRO is the best way to go forward.
  • Producing double the quantity of traffic for a consumer seems extremely improbable as a normal objective, though if the amount of conversions is doubled the conversion amount from visitors has to be considered.

You can’t simply ‘guess and hope’ what are the changes to your website will get better conversion rate. The process of CRO involves developing and testing valid hypothesis, running controlled tests and evaluating which changes can improve the conversion rate. The pricing of CRO depends on the number of tests executed along with the search engine optimization services included in the package.

So, why wait? Try out Conversion Rate Optimization right now for higher sales conversion rate. Generate more sales/leads, Reduce cost and Increase profit – The three key units of CRO. It is the best way to highlight your company and increase the number of visitors and sales for the same.


Keyword Analysis: Tricks For Google Searching


As the process of identifying and selecting the keywords is the most difficult part of search engine optimization, we can say that it is also the first important occasion to make mistakes in a SEO campaign. The consequences of choosing bad keywords could lead to irrelevant traffic, a huge bounce rate (meaning uninterested visitors), and in low rankings (keywords that are too strong).

Keyword Analysis must be made effectively and professionally, with performing tools. The analyzing process must start with the initial research (a brainstorming of search engines), identifying and analyzing the competition, Keyword research, and keyword modification (identifying the main and the secondary keywords with SEO tools).

Initial research

The first problem in a SEO campaign is searching the keywords. You need a starting point, and the starting point must be the site itself. You will have to determine the niche, the targeted public, and the potential buyers. Later, you will check if those are indeed the right keywords, and if they are not, you can modify and change them.

Keyword Analysis: AdWords and Analytics

If we have full control on our website, we can find out the next details about it:

  • If the website was the subject of an AdWords campaign – if the owner of the website already paid for an advertising campaign, you will have to use the words from the respective campaign.
  • If the tracking option is activated – this way, you will be able to determine the efficiency of conversions.

Keyword Analysis: bringing traffic

We can profit of the keywords that already bring visitors on the website, to observe the conversion potential. This way, we will determine how many users that search a keyword find or site, and how much tine the respective users spend on the website.

Even if we don’t have access to internal information, we can see the types of searches made by web users to look for their wanted websites, even with the help of search engines. Google suggest offers great ideas for keywords that are already made, being a useful tool to detect the seasonal tendencies, and the long tail keywords.

The Keyword Analysis tool offered by Google will offer recommendations for keywords, so we could refine our searches. Unlike Google Suggestions, the keyword can appear anywhere in a keyphrase. This way, you will benefit of as large variety of resources at your disposal.

Google Wonder Wheel is a tool that groups the keywords, so you could refine your keyword searches, jumping from one group of words to the other. You can access it from the Google options, once a search is made.

Google Trends and Google Insights are good for verifying the tendencies of searching. With this large variety of tools, you can find the relevant keywords for your website instantly. All those Keyword analysis tools allow us a preliminary research on the keywords, helping us to form a relevant database, and to explore the niche of the respective website. Of course, it is also important to identify the competitors on the respective keywords, as it is important to determine if you can “defeat” them in Google’s eyes or not.


The Essence of Internal Linking in Building Traffic

The internet is all about interconnected links. Through links one is able to navigate the numerous pages online. Linking is also the basis upon which search engines are able to rank websites which determines the traffic going to a particular site. Developing of internal and external links is crucial to the creation of any website.

Internal linking is based upon targeted keywords. The concept behind content in websites that reflect search engine optimization applies to the creation of links. The words used in the link that points to a particular page in your website should be relevant to the topic discussed on the page. For instance, if your page is about search engine optimization, the link leading to this page should have an anchor title. It should highlight what readers expect to find.

Navigation bars assist us in going through various pages on the websites. The way our navigation bars are implemented assists us to design our internal links. They could use the cascading style (CSS), vertical or horizontal orientation. Tabs such as home, contact and about us form the navigation bar. Knowledge in CSS and hypertext mark up language is required for designing an efficient navigation bar.

The main aim of websites is to increase traffic, this is enhanced by the content on one’s page. Another way of ensuring people remain glued to your site is by leaving links that are related to content on a particular page or that provide additional information. Use internal linking in your posts to ensure people view more content on your website. For instance, if you write about a post on losing weight, include an internal link that points to more tips on losing weight or wrong notions on losing weight.

The other way to use internal links is by connecting them to items or offers that one wishes to promote. When you create promotional material in your website, these should appear on each page of the site. Visitors should be able see the promotion from any page within your website. Through internal links on all these pages, more people are able to learn about your promotion. For instance if you wish to promote a particular site, include its internal link or banner in every page in the website.

The internet is all about links. People are able to visit pages on the internet and acquire information through links. Linking plays a crucial role in the way visitors navigate websites. When creating links, one should factor anchor titles. The title of the link should be relevant to the page it reflects. Navigation bars are also crucial to development of links.

The way one arranges their navigation bar has a bearing on the designing of internal links. Finally, one should appreciate the role of links in creating traffic. Having links on our website pages or using links on promotional material is crucial in having more visitors to one’s website. Internal links are crucial to the development of websites. Professionals who develop website links are highly educated in HTML, CSS and website development.


A few things people have to know about Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO is something every company out there that wants to reach a greater audience should consider. There are already many websites that have been designed with mobile users in mind and to number some of them, they are Twitter, Facebook, Google and so on. Its imperative people who have businesses will make this step as it guarantees they will be competitive with their business in this ever-changing world of internet marketing.

Businesses demand proper platforms

For those who have a successful e-commerce business and they want to make sure that they will be able to make it even more successful, they’ll need to consider a Mobile SEO service for the job. These services have not only the means, but also the experience to make sure the clients’ websites will be ported for the mobile platform with no performance issues whatsoever, so that people can access it easily from their mobile phones, whenever they won’t have access to their computers.

The fact is that when it comes to search engine optimization, it will need to be directly involved with the mobile web, easy search and availability on the mobile web, table-less structure and also clear text and image. Moreover, there are currently more than 2.5 billion people who are using their mobile phones in order to access the internet and this means that having a website converted for this platform will heavily increase its chances for getting more traffic.

Mobile Rules

The major differences between mobile and PC make the mobile to rule everywhere. Not everyone will have their laptops with them everywhere they go and on top of that, they might not have a sweet spot in order to get a good internet connection. And because individuals will be on the move,

they are likely to perform task-location or\and time sensitive actions while on the go, like looking for a certain piece of info such as flight departure time, a certain restaurant and many more. This means that everyone will carry with them their mobile phone which allows them to gain quick access to all the info they want in just minutes.

It seems that when it comes to mobile search engine optimization, it actually exists on a different plan to desktop search engine optimization. Yes, keywords are vital and the internet will always operate on what is being fed, yet there are also other dimensions like content formats, device types and location which are more indicative and critical to the mobile web experience. The good news is that the search engines are also beginning to figure out how to use them.

Mobile web is different

It’s very well known that mobile phones will always have their screen size of just a few inches so websites will need to be rendered in such a way that they will be optimized by the search engine spiders. There are also some guidelines which were set out by the W3C and the websites designed for the mobile platforms will need to strictly adhere to them.

In order to access the internet, mobile phone users will make use of handsets that employ WAP technology. That is why the websites’ layouts will need to be designed in order of the images to be displayed professionally. This will in turn ensure the proper functioning of the website on the mobile device used in order to access it.

It seems that Mobile SEO is a natural step for everyone who wants to be visible online and wants to reap success with their business. If done right and as soon as possible, these changes will immediately be reflected in the number of visitors and profits made.


Best Experts, Amazing Resources and Sure-Shot Strategies, The Best Multilingual SEO Service Recipe

English, being the most widely accepted language around the world covers only 27 percent of the population. This means rest 63 percent population does not use English as their native language. Similarly, they feel more comfortable browsing the internet with their native languages. That is why multilingual SEO has become important these days. You have to pay attention to the local clients, their expectations, lingual orientation and interface adaptability. Nowadays the SEO experts are highly concerned about this particular aspect and so are we!

Let’s explore how the concept of multilingual SEO works

First of all, you have to consider the major languages being used by the people in different parts of the world. Spanish is considered as one of the most used (both verbal and written) languages today. People in some states of the US, Caribbean islands, Mexico, Central and South America and Spain itself use this language. French is used in many countries in Europe, Germans around the world prefer their mother tongue in every aspect of life; Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin are some other commonly used languages that have rich content and numerous websites online. For all these language specific sites, you will need to avail expert multilingual services.

Basic search engine optimization for other languages is similar to English. You will need to get the keyword research report. You will need to explore the market and prepare the interface and content accordingly. For the multilingual sites, you will need to follow the same way of building LSI list, Meta keyword, other Meta information, Meta and ALT tags etc. Processes are similar but the keywords are very different; that is why the researcher or SEO expert must have good control over that language. At times, doing multilingual SEO can be a tricky job. That is why you will need an expert SEO professional service.

The first step of multilingual SEO refers to comprehensive translation of the content. You will need to choose a very reliable translation service to get your content prepared properly for the target audience and visitors. If your content is fully prepared, rest of your SEO operation will be specific and systematic. You have to consult with a multilingual SEO expert and get a free quote for your site or online business. Experts will take time to analyze and prepare a comprehensive report for you. The report will specify the time required and resources you have to use for ranking in the local search engine results.

How Our Expert SEO Professionals Handle Multilingual Projects: What We Do?

Our experts are completely oriented towards the cultural and linguistic approaches of the clients. We take your business interests as a priority concern. Multilingual search engine optimization is a real marketing challenge and our experts truly enjoy this challenge equipped with the best available resources. Steps that our experts follow are:

  • Our experts consider the business needs of the clients to devise a unique and effective marketing strategy. Our experts present with customizable plans and work closely with the client (or their in-house team).
  • Once we have the plan ready, we proceed towards a deep and comprehensive research. Our team members conduct research over the local market trend, country-based competitor analysis, and linguistic keyword analysis. We consult about the research report with our respected clients at this stage as well.
  • Our final step incorporates comprehensive on-page search engine optimization, country based link building, directory submission and other local marketing strategies. Our experts have sorted out a standard formula to implement the tactics without causing any harm to your brand or reputation online. Also, we consider the extent and competition of the market and make necessary changes in our strategy modules. During this phase, we send periodic reports to our client. At the same time, our quality auditor team assure error-free online operation in every aspect.

Multilingual SEO is truly a challenge; choosing the best experts will certainly help you rank high fast in local search engines. We have the best experts, amazing resources and result-oriented strategies to help you with. Write to us and get a free quote for your website today.


Advantages of Working with a National SEO Company


A National SEO Company can help you to develop a successful nationwide search engine marketing campaign. Attempting to do this on your own will not allow you to get the results you are looking for. Google, Bing and the other major search engines can bring hundreds or thousands of customers from across the country directly to you each day. An experienced team can use the resources at their disposal to improve your web presence.

Target the Right Key Phrases with Your Efforts

Knowledgeable guides will help you to determine which keywords or key phrases you should focus on. They will conduct research and choose the words that customers in the United Kingdom enter when they are in need of the goods or services that you offer via your site.

These professionals have the skill to develop strategies that will help you to rank highly for the phrases you select. All of those keywords are used nationally and a few are also utilised internationally. This area is very competitive and teams must work hard to build backlinks to your online store or blog.

Establish Your Presence on Social Media

If you already have a website, they will make adjustments to your on site search engine optimization so you get more attention from the search engines. They will also set up optimised blogs and social media profiles for you, sometimes at an additional cost. Networking via social media can help you to reach a wider audience but many entrepreneurs are unsure of how to do this. Experts can provide guidelines that your employees can use or provide ongoing assistance in this area.

Receive Regular Search Traffic Reports

The best companies give their clients direct access to current statistics in their website traffic. You should never have to rely on a second hand report if you want to know how a national campaign is developing. Top providers in the industry make it possible for you to access information on changes in traffic to your blogs or e-commerce sites from anywhere in the world.

Improve Your Conversions with Guidance from Experts

Good National SEO providers help you to increase the targeted traffic to your website. This means that the visitors you get are people who are actually interested in what you have to offer. Professionals in this sector will also monitor the conversion rates on your e-commerce sites.

If you aim to increase sales or subscriptions you may have to change some of the elements on your site. People who are trained will examine visitor behaviour and adjust the layout, colours and other page elements so that your site does what it should. They will edit your content for SEO and optimise it for search robots.

It is important to get to the top of Google if you want to beat your competition. You can make your presence felt throughout the entire country by utilising a National SEO service. Without this type of exposure, you will not be able to achieve the sales figures that your organisation is truly capable of or stand out among the other businesses in your sector.


What is Search Engine Marketing and How It Can Benefit Your Business


Search engine marketing (SEM) is a form of internet marketing which employs the technique of increasing the inflow of traffic from search engines. It utilises search-engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to market a company’s products and services. The use of SEM has been prominently used by most internet marketers and business people because of the extreme dependability that it possesses.

How SEM works

SEM is an umbrella term that covers two broad areas:

  • Gaining traffic through free SEO efforts
  • Gaining traffic through paid search advertising

The purpose of both of these marketing campaigns is the improvement of the visibility and to increase the number of targeted visitors. The former is a free search engine optimization technique where it is not required to pay anything to search engines. Contrary to this, paid search campaign like Google Ad words is a pay-per-click advertising technique that involves bringing about conversion through keyword bidding process; you pay and you get conversion.

Below listed are the tips that can yield good results in SEM

  • Realising one’s business goals is the first best thing to do in order to obtain maximum benefits of SEM.
  • After a careful and practical assessment of the target, you should design the contents of the website.
  • The content should be appealing, interesting and unique.
  • Keywords are the’ key’ factors and highlights of sem. Make sure that apt keywords are placed at apt places so that the website gets picked up by the search engines.
  • You can grow your company’s presence through social networking, blogs, publications, trade organizations, and associations. The idea behind this is to get as many link backs to the website as possible.

Benefits of SEM:

A recent study reveals that more than 85% people depend on search engine to find what they want. Therefore, a higher online presence can lead to more visitors arriving at the website. Besides, there are many benefits of SEM technique.

  1. Boosts the ranking of website – SEM improves your web site ranking in the search-engines results page. With ideal marketing strategies like SEM and PPC, you can easily get better ranking.
  2. Delivers message to the targeted audience – SEM is an effective marketing solution as it connects customers directly with your business or company.
  3. Increases sales -With better ranking, there’ll be a significant improvement in the sales of the product or service.
  4. Accessible to more customers – With SEM, it is possible to reach global audiences. This is especially useful if your company is of international repute and have client all across the globe.
  5. Cost effective – SEM can be done for free; even if you try out PPC technique, always your profit is a lot more than the amount you invested. Therefore, SEM is definitely affordable for even small business organisations.

Search engine marketing can definitely benefit your business. By leveraging on this, your business will get more leads and able to scale to a greater heights. However, if you would like to make your SEM campaign more efficient and productive, it’s better to understand the search-engine strategies and also seek help from search-engine professionals.


The Important Role that a SEO Consultant Plays


Having a website is just a start to marketing your services or products all over the world. It is important for your website to be visible to your potential customers and this means that you have to optimise it for search engines. Search engine optimization is broad and complex and this is the reason why you should think about using the services of SEO consultants. They can help you kick start the visibility of your website in search engines.

The service that a SEO consultant offers can be coordinated carefully to compliment your business’s marketing strategy. You can use some of the recommendations that SEO consultants provide to create consistency in your marketing plan. These professionals can help you achieve seamless marketing because they will advise you about industry trends that you can easily expand to new online venues. The splurge in social media is one example of the importance of staying atop of the manner in which consumers search for information.

The main reasons why you should opt for SEO consultancy include the following.

  • Be able to boost the online presence of your business.
  • Learn how to implement effective SEO techniques
  • Enhance your website’s search engine ranking
  • Increase sales.
  • Attract the customers that you target
  • Protect the online reputation of your business or company

A SEO consultant is able to analyse your website regardless of whether it is active or dormant in order to discover means of boosting activity.

The consultant can buy your site in the following ways.

  • Improve the SEO design of your website
  • Optimise the usage of keywords
  • Build effective links
  • Enhance your SEO copywriting
  • Expand website analytics

The SEO consultant can work with existing staff or offer the services directly. When you improve your SEO, you can expect a high return on your investment. A SEO consultant will explain to you the possible methods that you can use to increase your website’s page rank in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing. All will be clear to you once you read the report that a SEO expert comes up with and you will be able to monitor your website’s progress regularly.

A SEO expert can also give you the assurance that you can be able to deal with the problems that arise as you implement your online marketing strategy. SEO consultants know exactly what your website requires to overshadow your competitors. They study your business carefully, sort out the relevant keywords and then organize your website’s content to enhance your online presence.

Search engines are attracted to keywords and SEO consultants build this magnetism by choosing relevant keywords in a fine manner. They know the type of content that search engines search for and how it is manifested in search results. SEO experts also ensure that the design of a website complies with SEO principles and they therefore consider the coding of a website. Search engine crawlers and spiders immerse in the code to find information.

The other important aspect of search engine optimization is engaging with your audience. The best way to accomplish this is taking part in important discussions in social media. SEO consulting service providers utilise social media marketing skilfully to display your services or products to your target audience. This will allow you to build a strong customer base.


Recover Your Search Engine Rankings With Our Recovery SEO Strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) has been around ever since search engines were first available on the web, however as the years have passed the number of search engines which are popularly used have decreased to a very small number, mainly Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Due to the time SEO has been around, there have been many techniques posted on the web claiming they can be used to improve a websites ranking in a search engine results, which to the unfamiliar can be problematic as these techniques may not actually be legitimate techniques, better known as blackhat SEO techniques.

Blackhat SEO is an array of SEO techniques used to manipulate the search results for a website, using techniques which violate Google’s quality guidelines. Typical examples of blackhat SEO techniques are link spamming, copying content and cloaking web pages. These techniques should not be used by webmasters who do not want their website to be open to search engine penalties, as these will eventually lead to a penalty one way or another.

What Are Search Engine Penalties?

Search engine penalties are typically applied by either search engine algorithms or by members of the search engine team, depending entirely on the circumstances. The actions necessary to recover a websites ranking depend entirely on the method the penalty is placed on a website, which isn’t always easy to identify. Algorithms typically happen without any notification provided to the webmaster, whilst manual penalties will provide a notification with the exact reason for the penalty.

Not every penalty can immediately impact a websites ranking, however every penalty should be dealt with immediately so no further penalties can occur to the website.

The best known search engine algorithm penalties are:

  • Google Panda
  • Google Penguin
  • Manual Penalty
  • Link penalty
  • Content penalty
  • Top Heavy Penalty
  • Payday Loan Penalty

Google Panda

Google panda was rolled out originally in 2011 but as the time has progressed the algorithm has been further refined and eventually added to the main algorithm, which has since become known as the Google Hummingbird. Google Panda’s aim was to penalise websites depending on the quality of the website and the content on the site.

Google Penguin

Google Penguin was first implemented in 2012 to work alongside Google Panda to further refine the search results, but targeting websites offsite efforts as opposed to the onsite SEO efforts. Google Penguin’s aim was to penalise websites which had acquired a large number of links over a short period of time, had majority of their backlinks from low quality websites or links which had been purchased.

Manual Penalty

Google’s web spam team are able to apply manual penalties to a website for a variety of different reasons, which depend entirely on what the website may be doing that Google deem as violating their guidelines. Unlike algorithm penalties, manual penalties can be contended through a reconsideration request, however the request must contain significant evidence that efforts have been made to rectify the issues.

Top Heavy

Top heavy was rolled out in 2012 with the intention to penalise websites which provided a poor user experience, typically sites with a large number of adverts above fold when viewing a website. This was done to provide users with an easier and more pleasant experience when visiting a website, instead of a website which is difficult to view.

Payday Loan Penalty

As payday loans became more popular in the UK, more people began creating websites to make easy money by offering payday loans of their own online. As the popularity further increased, people began utilising blackhat techniques such as hacking other websites, producing thousands of spammy links to a website and other techniques. To combat against this surge of low-quality websites, Google issued a payday loan penalty to clear up the search results and only display sites which provided authority.

How to Recover

No matter what the penalty, we have helped websites recover their rankings back to their original positioning. This isn’t an easy task however which is why a lot of websites spend a large amount of their time without producing any success, which is why we provide this service ourselves to reduce the amount of work for yourself.


SEO Techniques to Boost Your Website Ranking

Do you want to keep your website visible in front pages of popular search engine results? Of course you would like to see your organisation’s profile topping in every search engine pages, after all everyone’s sole motive is to gain top most level in business. Websites are created for increasing visibility of a business profile. If you would really like to take your business to the next phase, then forget all your woes and apply effective SEO Techniques that will enhance visibility and improve fair chances of gaining customers. There are various steps and types of SEO Techniques that a website requires for better optimization.

Obtaining high rankings in search engine results involves the usage of many different phases and keywords which is known as search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Listed here are some search engine optimization techniques to boost the ranking of your website.

Appropriate Domain Name

Domain name is the identification provided to a web profile and are called domain names. Domain names should be perfect, in order that it more or less matches with the primary keyword phrase and should be easy to memorise, so that it can be accessed swiftly when one is searching with same keywords. Domain name should be related to your business so that visitors can easily remember it.

Choosing Keywords/Keyphrases

Keywords are the success of a website, hence one must choose their keywords very carefully. Before selecting keywords, thoroughly analysing keywords should be performed to check what are the hottest keywords that are being used in search pages. After a survey, keywords should be chosen so that it can build more traffic.


Rules for Choosing Keyword

  • Keywords can be more than one word.
  • Synonyms of keywords are suggested to add.
  • Keywords phrases are enclosed.

Density of keywords

Keyword density is an essential subject to pay heed and it is also another way for optimising a website. Percentage of keywords used in a site determines visibility in different search pages. Keep in mind that more number of keywords can be considered as keyword stuffing and may lead to a ban to the website. Therefore, keywords should be conditioned well while Meta tagging. Keywords should be placed properly and uniformly throughout the webpages.

Title and Meta tag

The title is like providing a name to a description, it get’s straight to the point and tell’s people what service you’re offering. The title should be unique and must have a keyword or keywords so that search becomes easier. The meta tags cover a wide variation of things such as the description. Meta tagging helps to highlight the keywords in content and brings more visibility to the site.

Content Creation

Content that has quality and quantified – People talk more about good things often, if you feed the website with good and informative content they will definitely come back once more to check on it. Quantifying helps to bring variation and variation would bring more visitors and also turn them into potential customers.

Updating contents

Changing Content, Content if changed frequently can attract customers to you site. Having the same content may distract your customers and they may end up going somewhere else. Try to hold your audience by surprising them with new things frequently.


SEO Training, Why It Is Important


Although everyone knows the importance of search engine optimization in making a website successful, there is no disputing the fact that not everyone knows how to do it right. Even though there are many programs that have been designed to make it easy for people to use search engine optimization to improve the performance of their websites, there still are many who cannot figure out how to use these programs well. This is the reason why anyone thinking about creating a website needs to look for SEO training before doing anything else. All the other things will depend on how well you understand SEO.

Getting more people to visit your website is not just about writing pieces of content, building links and such acts. Although those are the aspects of SEO, you need to know that unless you understand how to use them, there will be nothing meaningful that will come out of your efforts. You must have heard of people who spend too much time trying to ensure that their websites bring forth better results but nothing good comes their way. It is because even though they have all the resources that they need to make it through, they just did not understand how to utilize them for better results.

If you have ever been in such a situation, then you need to hear from SEO experts. There are people who have been doing SEO related tasks and who have learnt many things through the many years of experience. You therefore can count on them to give you the kind of SEO training that can guarantee you a successful online presence. Remember that a good website is not just about designing and making it available. The best results will only be achieved if you can convince more people to visit your site and to spend more time there. This is more important if you are using your website to sell goods or services.

What’s important to know is that even though there are many people who can teach you the basics of search engine optimization, not each one of them can be good. While some of them will give you meaningful information, others will have nothing to offer and will therefore end up misleading you. This can be dangerous because it will most likely affect your business. The best thing to do is to know the suitability of the training program before you decide to enroll. Do not use anything unless you are sure that it will help you to achieve your objectives and that it will make you a better person.

The good thing however is that there are very good SEO training programs that you can choose from. If you are serious about the success of your website and you believe that search engine optimization is what you are lacking, then you do not have to look any further. Get the necessary training from people who know exactly what a website like yours needs and everything will be fine.


All that You Wanted to Know About Social Media Optimisation


In case you are a business owner or a business marketer, social media marketing will be an essential part of your marketing mix. This is a way for boosting your profit when you increase traffic.

It is important to note that social media optimisation is much more than just having a page or an account on the social media site. It is a way for you to make your content shareable across the various social sites on the web.

You would want more people to go through your content on social media sites. This can be done by helping people to view content via widgets, apps besides the various other ways as these will lead to real good benefits for your business. You need to make your content as transportable as possible.

With social media optimisation, you can get an increase in traffic towards your site, since viewers will be encouraging their friends to go through specific content. Once you are able to appeal to any person, their friends would statistically be more keen to go through the same thing. What this means is that you are able to reach your target audience. In fact, this is one way of search engine optimization too, as search engines tend to count links like votes.

It is not correct to consider social media optimisation as just more social media presence only. Besides building on a real good presence on social network, even the social network of other people can be leveraged in order to achieve greater effect. You can make use of widgets or badges. Here, an image can be added to some blog. Once visitors click on that, they get linked back in to your content.

It is very important to understand the true impact of social sharing. This can be done by offering options. People like to do this sharing through widget.

It is important to realize the true potential of social media. It is direct interaction with the users. While it may take a while for a customer to complain through customer service, but this can be done instantly through social media. Thus social media can maintain or spoil a reputation very easily. It is a well known fact that many issues that do not get solved through customer service can easily get resolved through social media. Thus any complaints or suggestions should get resolved or attended to on a priority basis. This is a unique brand management strategy too.

Any comment thread, if started, should not be broken. All posts should be acknowledged and replied too. It is not important to focus on your own blogs only. You can post comments on other people’s blogs too.

For social media optimisation, ensure that your blogs or posts on relevant subject matter only. Provide something of use to the reader. This way they will keep on coming back. Keep your writings lively and interesting. Make use of all these social media optimisation in order to enhance the profits of your business.


Best Website Promotion techniques


In our competitive internet world, it is not enough just to have a website that looks good. Your website must be optimized for search engines, social networks, and for blogging. In other words, a website must be promoted on all the possible channels, and this requires a lot of work and patience. Website promotion is the term that defines all the techniques needed to promote a website in the online world, and it is a combination of search engine optimization, social networking and blogging.

Search Engine Optimization

As 70 % of the traffic on a website comes from Google, it is important to create a Google friendly website. For this, you will need to optimize your page for certain keywords. This website promotion technique is called Search Engine Optimization. It is a process that lasts for 3-6 months, but it could take more than a year in case you want a website with tens of thousands of visitors each day. SEO is a technique that would bring visitors on your page from search engines, whenever those people look for some relevant terms.

SEO is a combination of website promotion techniques that would “convince” Google that your page is relevant for some chosen keywords. This is made with on-site and off-site SEO.

On-site SEO means to write relevant content about the respective topic on your website, and articles that contain the respective keywords. Google tries to reduce the importance of keywords in searches; therefore, good content is as equally important. In other words, it is no use to have many keywords, as long as you have copied or bad content on your site. A page must be relevant for the respective keywords, and the readers should be persuaded to stay on the site.


Link building is another website promotion technique that is used to connect your page with other relevant sites in your niche. This way, a network would be built, network leading from and to your website. This way, you will benefit of traffic from those sites, as long as the administrators of those sites find your page relevant.

Website Promotion Chart

Social Bookmarks

By creating a solid community around your website, you will make sure that your name is heard on Social Networks, and that people talk about your company. With Google + Promotion, LinkedIn promotion or with a Facebook fans page, you will benefit of free viral marketing. The social networks are website where news travel with the speed of light, and your ad could reach hundreds of people each hour. Social Bookmarks are website promotion designed to build your reputation on social networks, and the simplest methods to build a community around your website, and a solid base of fans.


This website promotion can be considered as a part of Social Bookmarking, but it is a little different. Blogging means to promote your site on specialized blogs and forums. This optimization technique also requests patience, as you will have to read those forums, to post relevant comments, and to promote your website in a discrete and efficient manner.

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