8 Things Must Know About Share Market

Originally posted on August 9, 2021 @ 12:48 pm

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8 Things Must Know About Share Market

8 things Must know about share market

Important 8 things must know about share market This is our today’s topic Share market is a very good business of this era and it can be done by anyone whether he is a businessman or what kind of job

or someone who does small work for the share market Must know these things which I am going to tell you because these things can prove to be very important for your share marketing business.

Open a Demat account in the right company

Before working in the share market, the most important thing is that you are opening your demat account.

As every company has an application in today’s time where you can buy and sell shares in the stock market,

so keep in mind whether you are proficient in buying and selling shares on that platform or not.

That how to buy share, how to sell shares and how you have to put stoploss

Are you working in intraday or are you working in future options this is the first and most important Things Must Know About Share Market

You must know about charts

stock market Every company has its own chart where you get to know where your share is going, there you can see whether your stock is falling or rising if you are able to see the chart then

You can guess where you have to buy shares and where to sell, so you will have to learn to read the chart, it is going to be very useful for you, here you can see the year old chart of each company, in which year how much shares fell down and how high came up, so you have to be proficient in seeing the chart, this is very important Things Must Know About Share Market

Do not market shares in low capital

If you want to come in share market and want to earn money, then I would advise you that you should never start share market in less capital and in intraday then you should not do share market at all in low capital whenever you do share marketing.

When you start working, keep in mind that you do share market with your own money and not by taking a loan or borrowing money from anyone! it can get you in trouble

Invest in different stocks

You should never invest money in a single share in the stock market,

you have to invest money little by little in all the good stocks, this will mean that if you have a loss in any share,

then you can earn money in other shares, this will increase your capital.

There will be no loss, but if you have accidentally invested all the money in a single share,

then you may have to suffer loss, so stay away from such things and do not experiment on it.

always choose good stocks

If you want to start well in share market, first of all you have to analyze all the companies

so that you can know that in whichever company I am buying shares,

what is the background of that company and in the last four-five years that company

How has been the performance of that company,

you will know whether you have bought shares of that company or not and how the business of the company is going,

it is also very important to know in which field the company is and what are the chances of it growing in future. You should buy shares keeping this in mind

Always be updated in share market

In today’s time, there are many news channels related to the share market,

where you get all kinds of information related to the share market every day,

such as which company’s IPO is coming, which company’s stock is increasing,

which company’s stock is decreasing.

There is no such news inside the market that can make the market come down or go up,

so you have to take care and stay updated with all these news,

you can also join some groups in social media,

so that you will get many types of You will get information that how you want to work in the share market,

you can go to Facebook and join many share market groups there.

invest in share market

If you want to earn money in share market for long term then you can start investing

This is the best way you can double triple your money by investing in a good stock

you can double your money or Then 3 times!
In intraday share marketing, you invest money wisely or buy or sell share

Get help from a good advisor

To work in the share market, you will get very good advisors in today’s time who can save you from loss.

You can invest in shares, which will make you profit and there will be 0% chance of loss
If you want to open a demat account then click on the link given below and fill the form


That’s all for today, you must give your opinion to know 8 Things Must Know About Share Market

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