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How To Use Transition Words

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How To Use Transition Words

How To Use Transition Words

How To Use Transition Words. We have discussed the theory. You’ve seen our list of transition words. If you have followed our advice. Now it’s time for the hard part to incorporate them into your writing. Let’s know How To Use Transition Words

Download transition word and phrases

Learning and Practice

Of course, this is something you have to learn and practice. But here are some things you can do, two ways to get into the transition word mood, so to speak.

Make transition words a part of your writing

The first thing you should do is to make transition words a part of your writing process. You do this when you are arranging your text. As the previous modules of this course have taught you to do, you should break your lesson down into an introduction, body and conclusion, and make sure you know what each paragraph serves.

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How does this process work?

So let’s say you have this structure: an introduction (paragraph A), then three body paragraphs (paragraphs B, C and D) and a conclusion (paragraph E). Viewing your text this way gives you all kinds of transition opportunities.

First, paragraphs B, C and D should logically support the main idea you set out in paragraph A. So it’s easy to treat paragraph B as the beginning of A: “first of all”, “first of all”, “to begin with”. Then you can refer to paragraphs C and D as “secondary”, “thirdly” (or “last”). However, don’t do it exactly the same way for every page.

The readers will get tired very quickly and will not be able to read.

For paragraphs C and D, you can also use words like “in addition to,” “in addition to,” “on top of that,” because you’re adding to the arguments or ideas you’ve already discussed. . For your most important argument or idea, you can use a transition word like “most important” or “topmost.”

Now, once you’ve added the transition words to the body, and you’ve reached the conclusion, it makes sense to use paragraph E to “end,” “finally,” “summarize,” or “conclude.” To begin with a transition word like “. “. You can also use these words at the end of certain body paragraphs. Of course, not every page will follow this logical structure, but most text follows a similar process and you can use some of these tricks. Can do in many cases.

Let’s move on to the second and last tips.

Once you’ve added transition words that reinforce your text structure, you’re ready to tackle transition words at the sentence level. For this step, it is important that you think in transition word categories. In the beginning, it may be a good idea to have a list of transition word categories with you. Just look at your text and underline or highlight the sentences that make the transition.

Are there sentences that contradict each other? Add transition words like “though” or “but.”

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Add correct transition words with sentences

Is a sentence an example of something you said in the first sentence? Advertise a transition word like “for example.” Is the first sentence a cause and the second an effect?

So add a transition word like “resulting in”. Consider each sentence and each category systematically. It’s going to be a lot of work at first, but it will quickly become a more natural thing that you don’t need to think about anymore. If you struggle with this, try reading other authors’ texts and see how they use transition words. Just emulate what they are doing.

You will soon be able to do this on your own. Let’s end this video with a little caveat. Many people who are trying to make their transition better find it a bit of a struggle in the beginning. It can be difficult to know where to add transition words and where to omit them.

This is right.(Conclusion)

Practice Makes Perfect. Just try not to overdo it. Don’t add transitions to every sentence. It can also make your text very difficult. Also, don’t add the word transition if you’re not sure you’re using the correct range.

No transition word is a better choice than the wrong transition word. but do not worry. We’ve added tons of exercises you can do to get familiar with the workings of transition words. If you study and practice transition words carefully, you’ll be able to quickly improve the readability of your text. May you be successful!


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