How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog?

Originally posted on June 2, 2021 @ 2:44 pm

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Increasing traffic on your blog is not easy, but if you get it right it is very satisfying and satisfying to know people who pass by regularly and visit your blog.

Here are some tips to increase traffic on your blog and I find things there is no reason why you might not be one of the best bloggers around.

How to Increase Organic Traffic to Your Blog?

1. Blog Title most important for increase traffic

The topic of your blog is really important. When looking for more hits you need to look at where to find students. When you write about cracks in your walls, you need to know where to find people for how to increase organic traffic to your blog

who like to read about it!

Otherwise you will be condemned. so choose best blog title to increase organic traffic on your blog

2. Search Engine

You have to flirt with Google as a good looking woman in a dance.

As we hope regular reading gets your blog on authority sites is where most of your readers will appear. Google is Internet, you just have to get it. All political bloggers dream of being at the top of the list when someone type “Politics Blog” on Google. When someone type “Random political blog from some unknown northeast northeast of England” I want my blog to come up. If someone wants what you write about then it is a good idea to visit your site. and increase organic traffic to your blog

The clever tricks of upgrading your search engine are key,

but you have to play a song or your blog will suffer. Right or wrong Google has that level of influence now that sites have to meet their needs.

To do this you write down your key words in the post, no more than 2% words. My blogs are keywords like “Labor, Politics, Political blog” and so on. The following phrase will be a bad example. ‘This post is designed to help you to increase organic traffic to your blog

It’s best to change the words a bit and get more focused. So … ‘This post is for anyone who asks the question, “how to increase organic traffic to your blog

Search engines match the phrase directly with the search term and elevate you to the ranks

and when people see the similarity of a post to what they want, they read your post, magic!

Note that Google is constantly changing its algorithms beyond what is important in its search engine ranking index. For all accounts, with their acceptance, they use a combination of complex features to find compatibility on the pages.

My attempt may be to make the Google algorithm easier to actually find more hits,

your more relevant pages and the more relevant links you have that make Google believe

your page is more authoritative to the keywords you use. Google then considers providing this page as an answer to any similar questions. It is believed that your page is better than the search engine. Then you increase traffic on your blog

If you do nothing but include keywords in your post headlines, most importantly,

and in the main text of your page then you are in the middle of it.

Keep in mind that big companies use search engine coordinators to grow

this type of content so do your best here.

3. Connect with other Bloggers

This is my first post. I have found that the best political bloggers do not communicate with me easily. I chose selected links that you can find on the right that I read rather than just popping up random links everywhere. Many blogs I have read especially in the political arena have many links. The link there for your blog is good but it often loses volume. But it is still a good idea to connect with all the blogs and ask for a link.

I have to say that some of the blogs I connected with were really good

and connected to me right away. About 20%. So, as a sale, this is a game of numbers.

You should be looking for a link maybe after your blog has been actively updated for 10weeks anyway.

Hopefully an incoming blogger, who will no doubt have a passionate sense of ego because it is “established”, will want to see you as a qualified blogger before linking. Right on established blogs many blogs come and go. You need to show that you are sticking to it for a long time. In the event that they decide to return to your blog, they will likely put a link to you on their blog. Some bloggers will talk a bit about your blog in their posts that encourage viewers to click.

You should write a small post on your blog thanking them when this happens,

this can strengthen the invisible relationship and make the linking friend have good hope for you.

I found myself isolated from people when I discussed links. Others strongly defend their position when connecting with someone when it does not make a difference to their blog.

I start by linking to everyone but over time I remove links that ignore my email,

or that have a set of links in place only. New bloggers should be encouraged and the link is free. Oh, and never pay for a link unless you have a commercial reason to do so.

A simple email requesting a link with your display name and url should suffice. Providing relevant links will not help you in the beginning. Most blogs you want to share are highly established and will know that their link to you is more important to you than their counterpart.

It is smarter to say “I have effectively reached you and might want you to consider reaching me

if my blog is in accordance with your cycle”.

You can always delete a link in the future if you do not receive a satisfactory response.

If your blog has become nuclear and becomes one of the “readable niche blogs” links will appear everywhere, so don’t worry if the bloggers are cool with you to start with. You may be reluctant if you are constantly contacted by new bloggers who want to be established.

4. Blog Indicators

There are tons of blog references you can add your site to and doing so is a good idea. I’m not sure how they work but you can certainly do worse than find your link there as search engines see a link to you. I always worry that everyone will add their own link thinking that others are searching for the index domain, but many will simply add their link and continue with other things. When you post your link, using the abuse method is helpful.

Put your site on Technorati, Bloggerama, and most importantly what specific niche references will be

where your blog will get the best coverage.

You can get a lot of new readers from something like this and it is usually something that sends your blog in 100 – 500 views on the day page with the approval of an award from the awards site or a major authority blog.

If it were really easy the whole blog would have a ton of visitors, and they don’t but as I will say many times, in time you will be seen.

5. Write Interesting Posts

Sorry, but you should take care to create a beautiful and engaging post that engages the reader. I prefer short-term compilation to faster posts than long-term long-term posts. Generally, I think one daily post should be enough, or so in three days. Readers won’t get tired if you post even once a week if the quality is good enough,

but having daily readings is expected to be updated daily and blogging once a week suddenly

lowers the quality of the blog.

Decide on the frequency of the post from day one depending on what you can officially write (be real) and stick to it.

Readers visit your blog because they want to see what you are writing,

don’t give them a reason not to visit again. Many blogs start with a bang and fade into oblivion, annoying readers. If you want to beat them regularly you have to do a little bit.

Avoid starting a post with “Sorry I haven’t posted yet”.

The date of your previous post will suffice and this highlights the new visitor that you may not return for a while. Many blogs fall by the wayside, an old symbol of what is happening in spaces that start with excuses. A blog should be something you love to do, if it becomes a profession then the point of doing it is lost. If you feel that you cannot write as much as you would like, why not ask for a donation from someone you know who can make your blog bigger. Some of the best blogs in the world with more than one author and three writers writing throughout the week will mean regular updates.its also increase organic traffic to your blog

6. Patience

Keep posting, and keep doing all of the above. Every little thing helps. If it’s good enough for Tesco who makes millions every day it’s good for me!

Over time your blog becomes an authority because your readers learn to trust that you will stay longer. This makes you look more professional. Having a well-established blog over time and borrowing well from the search engines that inform you. As time goes on your posts will be indexed and you will find that other bloggers,

links and other links are happily finding their place in the search engines. This helps your blog to be established as a site that has been around for some time.

It can take up to six months to fully index a search engine and climb the ladder

within your keywords so patience is a big part of a blog’s success.

You gain new students over time and expand your reading.

Human beings are creatures that tend to give them what they love faithfully and

will come back and keep coming back.

7. Twitter

Twitter lets you post updates about you or your blog. The world is crazy on twitter.

You can use a blogspot or WordPress plug-in program that captures your tweets

and uploads them to your site with a feed. Use Twitterment to find other uses for Twitter in my niche and use to limit your post permalinks. I use another site and get more tones from twitter. People love tweeting so engage in conversations. I write short introductions to my posts and encourage clicking through phrases designed to create interest from my readers.

For example, I might tweet that “Read my opinion on youth employment, I might be banned from this …” Obviously I include a link.

Twitterment is a Twitter search engine so find people who work on tweeting about what you blog about

so they are great people to follow and throw in your blog. In theory most of them will be very interested in what you say.

Don’t be all business in your tweets. Use twitter to say what you do in life. Stephen Fry has nearly a million followers because he has grown up and says clever things in his tweets. If you share words and use the right one Twitter can increase you more traffic for your blog.

Announce anything from a post, a special offer (if you sell something)

the reconstruction of a blog or a funny video you posted.

8. YouTube

People like to watch the video. If you have the equipment and the tendency to use the video then share it on YouTube and embed code on your website. This will inspire viewers, providing video makes sense.

Plan a bit but don’t go too far as part of YouTubes’ attraction is a basic but useful video to watch. If you are a birdcatcher, a weekly collection of your clips can go down well.

If you are a football blogger, a weekly chat with a friend on the latest news like the Sunday Supplement TV program can get viewers.

You’ll need thick skin as viewers don’t hold back with comments,

but the critical viewer is still the viewer and even if some comment cuts people usually watch the video because

They like it, even though they say so. Criticism is an attempt to engage so comment and discuss.

The main idea of ​​your blog is to include your video in your blog AND include a link to your blog in the video.

This encourages blog viewers to watch the video with the people who first find the video on YouTube and then visit your blog. If they like the video they will probably love the blog so encourage more advanced visitors.

9. Good luck

Some blogs are already available. I believe you can do it if you dedicate yourself for a long time things usually work out. Patience, application, thick skin and patience are key to getting 1 million strokes.


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