Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program!

Originally posted on July 3, 2021 @ 8:12 pm

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By Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program! we mean that we can earn a certain amount of money from me by selling the flipkart product and earning money through the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program!

Online shopping with Flipkart is almost the same for everyone in India. The popular e-commerce site offers almost everything that modern India needs.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program!

From fashion to electronics and electronics to child care products, everything can be found on this online site.

Affiliate programs for e-commerce sites are one of the best ways to make money online.

All you need is a good navigation for your website and a bank account. With these basic requirements met, you can join any website that offers relevant marketing.

It is one of the best outdoor marketing programs where people can earn about Rs 25,000 to Rs. 80,000 per month.

How do I become a part of Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program!

Create a Flipkart Affiliate Account.
Choose your niche.
Create Contact Links.
Publish high quality posts.
Upgrade blog posts.

Is there a Flipkart Affiliate Program?

“Flipkart is best affiliate programs in India. They have a wide variety of products to advertise, the tracking is accurate, the fees are competitive and always paid on time.

Account managers are also highly professional,

and provide instant support. If necessary.

What is Flipkart Integration Program

Flipkart Affiliate works like any other affiliate program.

Here, your role as a partner is to help Flipkart increase sales. Upon your return, you will be awarded by Flipkart in the form of a commission. It gives you a great opportunity to make money through affiliate marketing.
As you know Flipkart has a variety of products. Products are broadly divided into different categories.

If you help Flipkart sell products, you get a special% of Flipkart profits. This sales commission working with Flipkart varies depending on the category of product you are selling.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission ranges from 1% -15% of product price. To find out more about the commission percentage for each product category, you can visit here.

Affiliate programs for e-commerce sites are one of the best ways to make money online. All you need is a good navigation for your website and a bank account.

With these basic requirements met, you can join any website that offers relevant marketing.
Flipkart is one of the best-selling online platforms in the world. Products range from electronics, home decoration, fashion, sports and child care to cars, sports and books.

Many affiliate marketers have made a lot of money by promoting Flipkart affiliate programs at their portals. Flipkart itself is a great place to advertise your product and increase your sales.

Why Do You Think About Flipkart Marketing Market In India?

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is operational,

which is its most important benefit.

The commission is paid to the partners only after follow-up.

Participants are therefore very enthusiastic and passionate about ensuring that change is possible.

So there is no place for effort that can drive traffic.

It is a low-risk investment that helps increase your marketing efforts. You can exceed the minimum bandwidth of traditional business.

Internal Technology

The site has been one of the first partners in affiliate marketing. They have improved their technology internally. This means that Flipkart has a better understanding and control of the publisher’s needs.

The reporting and feed widget is well integrated within the corresponding panel, making this affiliate marketing program very easy to use.

Comprehensive product range

Flipkart has one of the best affiliate programs in India. The reason behind this is heavy traffic received by the site. There are many products on sale at Flipkart.

This encourages more people to visit the website, thus gaining traffic to other sites linked to social media.

A wide variety of products are produced, tracking is accurate, and money is competitive.

High Conversion Rate

Everyone who works with Flipkart is impressed by the high conversion rates. These rates are one of the best in the world. Competitive prices that are in line with Flipkart’s excellent service standards reflect a reasonable price range.

To date, Flipkart has allowed exclusive product launches. There is always a lot of revenue and growth within Flipkart.

The corresponding panel

Flipkart has a reliable and informative compatible panel. What makes Flipkart a great partner is providing real-time updates. Collaborative payments are not a problem as they are always made on time. Skilled professionals manage the accounts of affiliated companies.

Collaboration Tools

There are various tools available for parallel marketing. This ranges from simple banners and widgets to APIs.

There are deals to list deals / applications / products for your site.


Flipkart gives you real-time reports. These reports are important for tracking the activity of your links.

They also help to know the transformation and performance of all stages. It helps to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission

Below we quote some of the product categories and percentage of their commission:

Books and e-reading (10%)
Gold and Silver Coins (0.1%)
School Supplies & Toys (10%)
Child Care Products (10%)
Oils & Beauty Products (10%)
Household goods (10%)

There are two payment levels depending on how your setup is done.

direct input

If you find someone to install the Flipkart app just by asking, Flipkart gives you ₹ 15 for every app you download or subscribe to.
If you are promoting a product and someone who is willing to buy it puts the Flipkart app

through the Google play store, then it is called fallback install.

To receive a refundable installation commission, the user must open the application within 14 days of installation. Refundable Installation Commission Rs. 20.

Requirements for Flipkart integration program

There are certain requirements to join a marketing plan that is compatible with Flipkart and start earning.

First, you must have a PAN card, and secondly, it is mandatory to have a website.

The remaining requirements vary depending on the method of delivery you choose.

There are two ways to withdraw:
  1. Electronic Funds Transfer
    Bank account statement
    check Cancled
  2. Electric Gift Vouchers
    proof of address

You can promote Flipkart products using two platforms, one website or one app.

Most people use a website for product promotion because it is easier to build a website than an app.

How does Flipkart Affiliate Marketing work?

The Flipkart Affiliate Program is easy to use.

All you have to do is send people to Flipkart from your website.

You earn money whenever people follow your directions and links.

This money is best available when people shop at Flipkart.

You will find many options with the compatibility program.

These options will give you several ways to link your website to Flipkart and its website.

You can add custom, rich content to add value and improve your website.

There is a small risk involved, and the process is very beneficial, making it a gift you should not give up.

Set up Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Account

The installation process is simple. After you open an account, you may receive a warning message that prompts you to upload the required documents.

Note that you will need to upload your documents once you reach the limit.

The standard fee is Rs 5000 for EFT and Rs 2500 for EGV.

Once the text has been uploaded, it will take approximately 10 to 15 days for Flipkart to confirm.

To start benefiting from the Flipkart Affiliate Program you need to complete the following information:

(i) Account

You must provide all details such as name, country, number and address in the account details section.

When you enter your name, make sure you have all the required documents here

If not, enter the name of another person with the text

(ii) Website

Those with a website can simply click on the ‘Website Details’ section and enter the website URL.

Now, people without a website need to buy a domain and take the initiative to build their website. This process will only take 15 minutes.

Now, those who want to promote Flipkart products with the mobile app need to install the App Store link.

(iii) Payment

In the Payment Details section, you will need to re-disclose your country and type of ambassador.

When opening an organizational account, select ‘Organization’ or select an individual account type.

Citizens of India must state their names such as PAN card

People living outside of India can write ‘N / A’.

Select your payment options

With EFT payment mode, you need to provide your banking details and upload a canceled check and PAN card.

Note that you cannot provide a bank statement for one bank and a canceled check for another bank.

If you choose EGV payment method

You must then provide proof of address and upload your PAN card.

Payment received in the form of EGV may be used to purchase Flipkart products.

Choose your Niche

Niche is the most important element in affiliate marketing.

Your efforts and results will depend to a large extent on the specific niche you choose.

It is recommended that you go with your favorite destination.

Without interest, it will be difficult for both to continue and produce good results.

Your niche can be anything from electronic to beauty.

However, whatever niche you choose, it’s best to go with a micro-niche.

The micro-niche helps to bring more traffic to the website.

For example, if you want to navigate a niche for a Book.

You can choose to go with a micro niche, competitive competitive literature.

If you find it difficult to choose a niche, just answer the following questions:

What do you like? would you like to teach others? and What lesson do you already know?
If you answer all these questions, you will automatically reach your destination.

Also, if you want to find different products that will suit your niche,

you can open the Flipkart website and decide.

The various Flipkart categories will help you choose the types of products for compatible marketing.

Create Contact Links

Compatible links can be created in the Flipkart Dashboard. Just go to the product page you want to advertise and copy its URL. Now, paste the URL into the Link Link Generator tool. Select ‘Go’, and it will generate your compatibility link.

Related links should be posted on your blog or video to promote a particular product.

Below the link link, you will also find a collaboration link to promote the installation of the Flipkart app.

The Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Commission receives this link which comes directly to the establishment.

Flipkart also provides other marketing tools for its products.

These tools can be easily used on your website. Some of them are Bookmarklet Widget, Push Widget Content, Promotion Widget, Promotion Banner and Product Banner.

Bookmark widget

The bookmark widget will help you post without creating your own link link. All you have to do is drag a button labeled ‘Flipkart Affiliate Bookmarklet’ and drop it into your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

Push Content Widget

This includes copying Push content code to your website, like a sidebar. Flipkart will automatically start displaying interactive ads on your website.

Promotion Widget

Promotional Widgets contain code for creating various promotional banners. Push content, Besteller, featured deals, search widget, search bar and related products are 6 types of promotional widgets.

Promotional Announcements

Promotional banners are the constant banners of the Flipkart category that gets high traffic,

such as day deals, gift vouchers, app installations, etc.

Product Declaration

You can create custom links and banners for any product available on Flipkart.

All you have to do is search for the product and change the banner or link

Publish high quality posts

Creating high quality posts is a must if you want to succeed with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing. Do not go overboard in quality.

A blog post that offers something important to the audience is very effective.

So you should give good tips, updates and recommendations to your post.

This will help you to build trust with your audience.

There are many blog posts out there.

Therefore, you need to provide your audience with more and stand out from your competition.

From an SEO perspective, you need to write a blog of at least 2000 words to get a good position.

Good quality means higher traffic, and higher traffic means more sales.

When you start a blog do these things

do some in-depth keyword research
see what the players are doing
Get high volume keywords
Find great images that fit your content
Listings, reviews and comparisons of articles make up a great blog post.

Upgrade blog posts

Your work is not limited to blogging.

Get your blog in front of your target audience.

Only when your content gets good visibility to your target audience will you be able to sell well.

The best ways to advertise your blog are:

(i) making youtube videos

YouTube channel is the right way to get high traffic. All you have to do is create your YouTube channel based on your niche and start publishing great videos.

(ii) Search Engine Usage

Search Engine Performance makes your website and blog search engine friendly. SEO makes it easier for search engines and users to find your content.

(iii) Posting them on social media

People spend a lot of time on social media. Apply this fact and improve your blog there.

(iv) Answering questions about Quora

Quora Marketing

The most effective advertising method. People are already looking for answers in this forum If your blog provides that feedback they will enjoy visiting your website.

Tips to Increase Your Income From Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

(i) You must choose the right product to advertise

(ii) You should strive to select products that are completely relevant to the content of your site

(iii) When choosing the Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program in India,

it is important that you choose the right type of advertising.

(iv) It is important to try the advertising space.

Because it will help you find the most relevant clicks on the scale

(v) The key to success with Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is not satisfaction for you, as it can prevent you from trying new things in a market-based way. You should always try to increase your site traffic to improve the performance and modification of your Flipkart-based marketing plan in India.

(vi) It is also important to be patient and give your campaign enough time to produce the expected results.

You will not be a millionaire overnight,

so you need to be constantly updated and fully refreshed (Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program!)


you can make good money online with Flipkart affiliate marketing program

However, you should give some time before you can see some results.

At first, it will take hard work, patience and time from the end.

Over time you can gain a lot from the Partnership Program.

Flipkart Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative businesses.

People who have shared hands with business with Flipkart have never been disappointed. With the heavy road in the country, this site is a perfect partner.

Anyone familiar with the e-commerce space knows the importance of Flipkart-related marketing plan in India.

Although some people are not sure how the process works.

feel free to ask us in the comments below.

Joining a digital marketing course can help you learn and become familiar with the relevant marketing concepts related to Flipkart’s affiliate marketing program in India and its effectiveness.

I hope you will like Flipkart Affiliate Marketing Program!


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