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Hello friends,Today in this article, we will learn digital marketing introduction step by step and we will learn what digital marketing is, how it works in Actuals. We have all heard about digital marketing, but what is it?

The first word is here, we have digital and second one is our marketing, we mean digital from digital devices, your mobile, your laptop, your desktop, your desktop, these are all digital devices,

and marketing means our product. Promoting service in India, then if I speak about physical and marketing,

then by the combination of these two, we mean that we promote our product and service in a digital way,

sell them and people buy them online.

Example of digital marketing

 Let me give you an example of digital marketing like we watch YouTube and on that we see the advertisement of a product or service, then we either watched it on our phone or on our laptop and the advertisement that

we saw was on someone Promoted on your YouTube channel for product or service or through Google Ad, this is how digital marketing works.

Digital Marketing Process

After that, some of our processes for digital marketing marketing comes about what we need to do digital marketing and which things are very important for us.


2.bringing targeted traffic





visibility in digital marketing

By visibility, we mean the visibility of your business, the visibility of your product and the visibility of your service. For example, let me tell you that if we searched digital marketing in Google, then we will see that there will be services related to digital marketing that provide services around us.

If their name or their website or their Facebook page comes first in front of us, then those people who have registered themselves or their company or their product on Google will first see the name of those people in this way.

People’s business visibility increases on Google, when they register their business or their service on Google,

we add some ads or look at some websites, and in this way you increase the visibility of your business and product service on Google.

bringing targeted traffic

 By targeted traffic, we mean how will you bring targeted traffic to your product and services, we have two options.

1 inbound marketing

2.outbound marketing

By inbound marketing, we mean that any traffic or any customer who has come to our product and service has come online to pick up our product without any additions or without spending any money,

for this we have not done any advertisement and Neither has spent any money, this is how inbound marketing works.

For example, if we go to Google, then we do digital marketing search or do something more true, then there we will first see an ad written in front of any post or it will be seen as a sponsored ad.

The first thing we see is on Google, for which people pay money to Google, and posts that do not have any advertisement or any sponsor written on it,

there is organic traffic on it, it is called inbound marketing. Remember it on your website or on your website To bring organic traffic to the blog or to our Facebook page, we need search engine optimization.

The more you know about search engine optimization, the better you can do inbound marketing, we will learn about it further. When you reach your potential customer through advertising, it is called outbound marketing or in organic marketing, in this you can spend money in a short time to reach your customer but you can use Google Adwords to get traffic or Then you can also go to Facebook ad and there are many ways to run pad traffic

what is engagement in digital marketing?

Now we go towards engagement, now we have created our website, we have also created our own page and we have also done marketing in inbound and outbound ways, but now the engagement of the users is also to be increased and the users also have to promote it.

Start activating on our website or Facebook page, show your user how to maintain engagement on our website or our page,

how you can increase your users to spend maximum time on your website and how you can make your visitors Call us back on your website, these are all part of our engagement

what is conversion in digital marketing

Now our option comes, there are two types of conversion to digital marketing.

One is micro conversion and the other is macro conversion

Micro conversion means that this company like Flipkart and Amazon removes it from us and what we do is we reach their website and buy their product because they have given their product rates at a very low price here.

We purchase their products directly.

Macro conversion means how you motivate your users or your customers to purchase products. For example, you speak them to download PDFs or to watch videos or to join webinars.

Also speaking for this, users are able to know your product and service in a better way,

if we talk about online records, then only 5 out of 100 people convert for marketing, the rest 95 people we have to convert.

what is measurement in digital marketing?

Measurement is a very important part of digital marketing, it is only through measurement that we get to know that whatever marketing or activity is working,

how it is actually working or it is doing good work or something is lacking in it.

We can track our marketing, we can track the behavior of our users, we can see how our websites or whatever our pages are working, how we are doing the measurement of our website through Google Analytics Where we can manage, we get to know what is the activity of the day,

such as how many people are on your day page, how many people visited your website, how much time spent on your website

retention or Remarketing

Retention or green marketing is very important for any business. Most businesses sit here making a big mistake and spoil their business.

Cushion means that if a customer or an audience came to my website and he If I change something,

how can I call it again on our website, how do we create a link with our customer to use our service and product again, for example if we

When we go to a website, we see a pop-up in which it is written that you update your email ID or your mobile number and your name here,

by which they collect our information and give us new offers. In the same way, many companies retarget their customers. This means that remarketing means

Friends, so much for today and you please reply to me how did you like this article because

I will provide you the complete course on digital marketing, keep up with one by one article, thank you so much in this blog of mine.


My name is vikram kumar And I am professional digital marketer and wordpress website designer

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