6 Free Graphic Design Software 2021

Originally posted on July 19, 2021 @ 11:40 am

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6 Free Graphic Design Software 2021

6 Free Graphic Design Software 2021

6 free graphic design software 2021, I will share with you six very cool design software that you can download

You can use them right away and you can create some amazing looking design work.

And literally you can even add it to your portfolio whether you’re in school, college,

or you’re just getting started with design

You will find this blog very helpful so please make sure to watch this blog till the end, so let’s start with our list


Canva is the first software designed for complete beginners if you want to do something

in the field of graphic design you want to experiment with poster designing banners brochures maybe some kind of social media post

or your presentation or your portfolio then you should try Canva Will look super helpful as there is a list of free templates available to you,

you can use them you can convert your work and once you are happy with the result you can also download the finished file in pdf jpeg or png format

I hope you find this helpful


The second software on our list is Inkscape and it is like the professional version of Canva. The more advanced version of Canvas so if you are serious about graphic design

And you want to work with more tools and you’re looking for something that’s more intermediate

that’s not for complete beginners then actually Inkscape might be the right choice for you. It’s very close to Adobe Illustrator, which is a paid is professional graphic design software,

Inkscape provides you with a variety of tools that you can experiment with.

You can work with the details of logo designing, banner designing or poster designing

and create much more professional looking projects.

 I hope you find this helpful

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Third option software schema figma is helpful software for all ui ux designers

and if you have this app design in your mind but you are wondering

how this app will look like in real time then you can definitely use this software without any cost can do,

All you need is an internet connection and you need an email id and

you can get to work and develop your personal customized app,

you can literally design every page of your app and you can go from page to page.

Can even control transitions in page two, so many tools so much freedom to develop something that looks quite realistic,

Tailor nova

Fourth software is called Tailor Nova and it is for all the aspiring fashion designers

all you need is internet connection and once you have created your account you need an email id,

The software will ask you what kind of garment you want to design so it will ask you

if you want to go for a pant top or a dress and let’s say I choose the dress

then a play sleeve style with ic neck style Dress Length Dress Material Color Finish Texture and

if I am happy with the result of what I made

so i can actually use that picture i can download that picture and i can add it to my portfolio

or if not i can also talk about what i did in lockdown phase is,

So if you are applying somewhere if you are applying to a college it is a great way of showing how passionate

you are about the fashion design stream,

If by chance you have an iPad at home then there is another app option for you to download

it called Brita Templates and basically you have a wide variety of templates available to you

if you ever have an idea. Whatever comes to your mind and you want to design this government then you can just open your app

and you can sketch right away and you can save all those designs for later use or

you can talk about it when you apply your entry so it can also help you in some way

Planner 5d

Now the fifth option on our list is not exactly a software but it is a mobile application

that you can download on your android and it is called Planner 5D it is for all aspiring interior designers

and it is unbelievable that it The app is free because it has many amazing features that you can play with spaces

Floor ceiling doors windows walls texture color furniture accessories and

you can create the exact design in your mind and you can see how it will feel in real time. Also switch on the first person controller setting which will make you feel like you’re really in space

And if you are very happy with all the designs you made or

all the arrangements you made

you can actually click on the screenshot or snapshot of your design and you can save it

And you can talk about it with your judges when you’re finally applying for your admission,


 Definitely the least option on our list is called Blend

Now that this is quite an intensive 3D modeling software for a beginner,

it’s quite natural for you to feel overwhelmed by all the tools and features on your screen,

so i would say don’t get discouraged i promise you once you get the hang of it

and have so much fun the possibilities are completely endless

You could design your own car You can design your own gaming assets You can design animating characters

You can design your own products and once you are happy with your design you are sure Can add screenshots

For your portfolio because Blender is one such software

so guys this was for today’s article, I hope it is in some way at least for you out of the six options.

Liked the one I shared with you If you know of any other free software

then please share with us in the comment section I would love to hear from

you that’s all I have for you today,

let me hope you liked this article 6 Free Graphic Design Software 2021


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