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5 Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022

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5 Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022

5 Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022 Pushbullet is among the most powerful utility tools you can utilise to swiftly and effortlessly connect files to the Android smartphone as well as your PC, send SMS messages via your PC or set reminders, and many more. Pushbullet’s Free version Pushbullet is, however, slightly sluggish when compared to the paid version, and this could turn some users be turned off. Below are some of the features you’ll be missing in the free version:

  • Alerts with action
  • Mirrored notifications
  • Universal Copy and Link Sharing
  • 100/month limitation
  • Send files as large as 25 MB, and the storage limit is 2 GB.

Pushbullet Pro costs $39.99/year or $4.99/month that may not be cost-effective for certain. Pushbullet users will indeed have to spend for a “Pro” subscription or look for alternative options. If you’re not interested in making the payment for Pushbullet Pro, Here are the top 5 Best Pushbullet alternatives in 2022 to consider.

5 Best PushBullet Alternatives in 2022

1. Crono

Crono is possibly the most effective Pushbullet alternative in 2022 — possibly superior to AirDroid If you are looking for the most effective notification mirroring experience for your personal computer. It does everything Pushbullet does but in an improved interface. Like Pushbullet, you can access all of your notifications on your personal computer. Additionally, there is the option to respond to WhatsApp messages and “like” notifications from Instagram. There is also support for notifications for calls, but it isn’t possible to receive a phone call. In the best case, you can defer notifications from calls by sending immediate SMS responses. In addition that if you turn off the notification on your desktop, then Crono will eliminate your smartphone notifications, too.

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2. Snapdrop

If you’re searching for a Pushbullet alternative for purposeful file sharing, then you should take a look at Snapdrop. It’s the quickest and most convenient method to share files across different platforms without installing any application or account creation or scanning the QR code. Snapdragon is an open source platform for sharing files that work on all platforms. All you require is a WiFi connectivity point. If your PC and phone are joined to the exact WiFi connection, you can start on both devices and begin sharing files.

Additionally, you can share URLs using the right-click function in the app. The greatest thing with Snapdrop is that it’s extremely speedy and you can transfer multiple files at one go, and it has absolutely no ads. Additionally the fact that all of your files are protected by the TLS protocol similar to Pushbullet. If you are using Pushbullet primarily for transferring files, then Snapdrop is the most suitable alternative to this list.

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3. AirDroid

AirDroid is by far the most effective PushBullet alternative. With AirDroid, it’s possible to download and share files, download apps, check notifications, make calls, & take calls. It also lets you sync texts & contacts and even reply to WhatsApp messages. It also allows you to mirror your Android device’s interface onto a PC that means you can manage your Android tablet or smartphone on your PC.

AirDroid does indeed have some disadvantages that are it is own. AirDroid does not have features such as the universal copy & paste and the ability to share URLs. It’s also a resource-intensive tool, and you might be a bit sluggish at times. However, it’s more affordable than Pushbullet’s monthly plans. AirDroid also offers the Premium subscription option, costing $1.99/month as well as $19.99/year.

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4. EasyJoin

In many ways, EasyJoin is one of the most effective alternatives to Pushbullet since it comes with many features that Pushbullet does not offer. EasyJoin is an app that is relatively new within the Android ecosystem, however, among the geeks, it’s been gaining a huge following. One of the main USPs that EasyJoin offers is that the app is free, and you can access numerous essential things that are usually offered under the paid plans. It is possible to connect your smartphone to your computer to receive notifications of all sorts, for starters. You can also respond to messages and execute specific actions such as mark for reading’, ‘snooze, and snooze.

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Furthermore, you can receive and make calls from your PC via EasyJoin integration, as well as the dedicated Windows application, but this option is only available on the plan that is paid. In addition, you can transfer data from one device to the other, make alarms, connect to a universal clipboard, and regulate the volume of devices. These features are available for free, and you do not have to pay any money. But we’re not done yet. All calls and messages, as well as notifications as well as file transfer transactions, are secured by default. In light of all the information, EasyJoin seems a solid alternative to Pushbullet, and you must consider giving it a try.

5. MightyText

MightyText is among the top PushBullet alternatives you can utilize. Like Pushbullet, Mighty Text syncs your messages via text, and you can reply to messages on your PC. Additionally, it replicates notifications, allows you to call, rings the phone, and allows you to uninstall an application and send photos & videos as well as check battery status, etc. All of this is accessible from the MightyText application.

Mighty Text’s basic version comes with the capacity of 500 messages per month. This is five times more than the Pushbullet free version gives. Mighty Text also has a paid version that allows you to set up messages, eliminates the message limit and ads, lets you upload 100GB of images & videos, and much more. The premium version of MightyText costs $9.99per month or $79.99/year. Mighty Text should work well for you if you’re comfortable with the limit of 500 monthly messages included in the free version, but If you’re not looking for a solution, then check out alternative options.

The app is great; however, if you aren’t able to pay for its premium edition, you can choose from a number of competent apps you could make use of to take its place. While not all of them have the same features as Pushbullet, they’re good enough for most users. Although most are priced at a premium, they provide an affordable free plan superior to the one Pushbullet provides. Check them out and share your feedback by leaving a comment below.

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